Course Description

Looking for an alternative to online dating?  You've found it.

Most single women would agree that meeting and marrying someone suitable is becoming increasingly difficult.  But only a small minority realise what it will take on their part to achieve success.  Thus, the majority waste precious time, including hours spent on dating websites, lowering themselves in the process. 

But there's good news!  For women futilely awaiting the pursuits of a good man online or offline, this course is a game changer.  It gives practical insights for realising more relationship opportunities than you would imagine, based on Biblical insights that are rarely taught. 

Make the Bible your relationship manual

  • learn through the power of Bible stories the types of actions that initiate relationships

  • be life coached by Abraham, Jethro, Naomi, Solomon, Agur, Paul and James

  • understand why women are failing to meet prospective husbands today

  • change your thinking and behaviour and see potentially rapid results

Don't stake your love life on one Bible verse!

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing..." (Proverbs 18:22a) is isolated, overused and misrepresented by most who minister to single women.  In Lesson 4, discover the detrimental effect of isolating a half-verse, and how a balanced interpretation brings out the completeness of God's will.

Who the course is for

  • single women in church who are finding it difficult to meet a suitable man for marriage
  • anyone (including men) with an interest in the theme, e.g. those who regularly advise single women
  • those who place high value on scripture as a guide for relationships today

The course, which includes a bonus addendum, costs £15 for lifetime online access.  Alternatively, you can purchase 72-hour access at £8.  Your support of this ministry will enable us to produce more courses and podcasts in the future.

Single Adult Ministry

Founded in 1996, SAM is one of the longest running singles ministries within the UK.

Our Objectives

to equip singles to tackle their challenges through biblical, practical teaching

to provide support and advice to singles who desire to marry

to equip leaders to be more effective in ministry to single adults

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lesson 1

    • ZIPPORAH MEETS MOSES: Reading and responding to signals that can initiate a relationship

  • 2

    Lesson 2

    • RUTH MEETS BOAZ: Why good men sometimes don't pursue good women and what women can do about it

  • 3

    Lesson 3

    • EVE MEETS ADAM: How a woman's motion can help a man identity his future wife

  • 4

    Lesson 4

    • FINDERS, HUNTERS AND LEADERS: How a distortion of these roles keeps women from meeting their mate

  • 5

    Lesson 5

    • FAITH IN ACTION: How to translate all that you've learnt in the course into practical action

  • 6

    Take The Next Step

    • Recommendations

  • 7


    • UNDERSTANDING PURSUIT: What it is and why women desiring marriage need to take it as seriously as men

    • TWO TYPES OF PURSUIT: How failure to distinguish between levels of pursuit could cost you a relationship

    • THE ART OF PURSUIT: Responding appropriately and adequately to a man's pursuit


5 star rating

I couldn't wait to rate it when I saw it was an option

lindsey rush

I loved it!!!!! Pay the 15 pounds, you'll be overjoyed when you do, IF youre willing to look at finding a man from another's ladies to kind ...

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I loved it!!!!! Pay the 15 pounds, you'll be overjoyed when you do, IF youre willing to look at finding a man from another's ladies to kind of pursue a man. It's amazing, I wish there was more. The course is great, I'm going to share this course with my fb friends, it was so great.

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